Fostering French Language and Culture in Southwest Florida

Alliance Française Book Club

"Les Amis Lecteurs"

Following the successful pattern of many Alliance Française chapters throughout the United States, we are pleased to offer our membership the opportunity to discover literature currently being read and discussed in Europe.

Our group convenes monthly for an hour immediately following the main Alliance meeting, November through May, with no gathering in December.

We discuss works written in French by contemporary authors, many of which have won prestigious literary prizes over the past few years.

In keeping with our purpose—the promotion of the French language and culture—all books we select have been written in French. Discussions will also take place in French. Though participation assumes French competency at the intermediate level and beyond, we are firmly committed to the knowledge that everyone’s communication skills are greatly enhanced by reading and discussing in a second language.

We welcome students from the Alliance Française French classes and encourage them to read, participate as they are able, or merely listen to our discussions. We pledge our friendly support as their vocabulary expands and they speak with increasing fluency!

For further information, contact Lois Ann Folliard :

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to postpone the final meeting of the book club, originaly scheduled for May 11. We will open the 2017-2018 season at our November meeting with the discussion of the short story: "Iceberg" by Fred Kassak, which you may download free of charge from the internet. Click here on the title: ICEBERG to download and print the story which appears on this year's reading list from the French school system.

Below you will find the listof books we have discussed during the 2016-2017 season. All are available in paperback or Kindle format from the major online booksellers.

  • "La Grand-Mère de Jade"[in French] par Frédérique Deghelt
  • "La Commissaire N'aime Point les vers"[in French] par Georges Flipo [not available in english]
  • "Réparer les vivants"[in French] par Maylis de Kerangal (This book also exists in English translation under the title: The Heart.)
  • "L'éternité n'est pas de trop"[in French] par François Chang (This book exist also in English translation under the title: Green Mountain, White Cloud )
  • "Peste et Choléra"[in French] par Patrck Deville(This book exist also in English translation under the title :Plague and Cholera)

    The following books have been recommended by members and friends for our summer reading pleasure:

    1. L'orpheline des neiges[in French] by Marie-Bernadette Dupuy
    2. Boussole [in French] by Mathias Enard.
    3. Les gens heureux lisent et boivent du café[in French] by Agnès Martin-Lugano
    4. La valse lente des tortues.[in French] by Katherine Pancol.
    5. Le trajet d'une rivière[in French] by Anne Cuneo.
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